Smoked salmon tartare with vegetables


Bistorant appetizer ‘right out of our pantry’ (chorizo, olives, black forest ham, spicy salami, dried tomatoes, toast)

1 580 Ft

Halves bone marrow with fermented purple onion, mixed salad, toast and garlic confit

1 680 Ft

Breaded brie with passion fruit jelly and crispy pumpkin

1750 Ft

Grilled duck liver with vanilla-apple puree, pomegranate and toasted homemade brioche

3 400 Ft


Tarragon chicken ragout soup

950 Ft

Beef stew soup (goulash)

1 280 Ft

Duck soup with coconut milk and duck liver-stuffed tortellini

1 780 Ft

Chili-pumpkin soup with honey and pumpkin seed shrimp tails

1 780 Ft

Mustard-lamb ragout soup with sour cabbage and pearl barley gerslivel

2 250 Ft

Beef neck soup with soy and matzo balls

2 250 Ft


Vegetable patty with beetroot puree and ewe’s cheese

1 280 Ft

Pumpkin panzella (marinated pumpkin, mozzarella balls, tomato, baguette chips, lettuce, balsamic cream)

1 780 Ft

Chicken caesar salad with baquette croutons

1 850 Ft

Tuna caesar salad with baquette croutons

2 150 Ft

Honey baked brussels sprout and apple salad with bacon, toasted walnut and cider vinaigrette

2 150 Ft

Shrimp caesar salad with baquette croutons

2 670 Ft

Main Courses


Tomato-basil chicken breast with pilaf rice

1 580 Ft

Sous vide beechwood-smoked chicken breast with caramelized pumpkin steak, grilled camambert, dried
tomato sauce and walnut powder

2 250 Ft

Chicken breast in yogurt with parmesan, porcini mushroom risotto

2 680 Ft

Spicy chicken liver stuffed chicken thigh fillet with mustard-wild mushroom roquefort sauce and crunchy batatas

2 680 Ft

Confit duck thigh with ginger-pumpkin puree, cider-braised red cabbage, Hasselback potatoes and blackcurrant sauce

3 480 Ft

Rose duck breast with pink pepper-cherry reduction, plum croquettes, fermented grape and duck crackling

3 680 Ft

Beef and wild meat dishes

Beefsteak tartare with confit egg and spicy butter

2 980 Ft

Veal pepper pot with smoked tomatoes and gnocchi

2 980 Ft

Deer stew and dumplings with ewe’s cheese

2 980 Ft

Guiness-marinated sirloin, confit baby potatoes and wild mushrooms

3 650 Ft

Confit boar cheek with potato variation, homemade pickled onion and porcini mushroom sauce (panko-breaded potatoes, puree)

4 680 Ft

Juicy lamb trotters with french layered potatoes

4 680 Ft

Serrano ham rolled beef tenderloin with truffle croquette, grilled duck liver and jus

5 280 Ft

Pork dishes

Bistorant pulled pork Brassói style

2 180 Ft

Roasted pork clod with bacon and paprika sauce, garllic-sour creamy potatoes and feta cheese stuffed
cherry pepper

2 750 Ft

Crispy pig trotters, sour cabbage with bacon and onion mashed potatoes

2 980 Ft

Rose pork tenderloin with brie sauce, grilled pear, celery puree, bacon jam and crispy parsnip

2 980 Ft

Panko-breaded mangalitsa pork loin with parmesan mashed potatoes and pickled cucumber salad

3 480 Ft

Fish dishes

Catfish scones with almond, roasted pepper sauce and smoked winter vegetables

2 980 Ft

Grilled carp fillet with ewe’s cheese, ratatouille with egg and deep fried ruccola

2 980 Ft

Grilled tuna steak with butter braised asparagus, smoked tomato and boiled egg

3 850 Ft

Sea bass paprikash and pasta with cottage cheese

3 850 Ft

Grilled salmon steak, roasted potatoes with red pesto, broccoli with garlic and mediterranean salsa

3 980 Ft

Street food, sandwiches

Toasted pork tenderloin in tortilla/with chicken also available (lettuce, tzatziki, meat, red onion, tomato)

1 580 Ft

Chicken burger (chicken breast, ewe-cheese, salad, cheese sauce)

2 180 Ft

Crispy chicken wings basket (sweet chili, chives-sour cream) (gluten & lactose free available

2 580 Ft

Slow baked sirloin in ciabatta (sirloin, mustard, cheese, red onion jam, onion lyonnaise)

2 580 Ft

Bistro beef burger with steak potatoes

2 580 Ft

Bistorant rosemary-deer burger with steak potatoes

2 780 Ft


Homemade mixed pickled vegetables (sweet or hot)

390 Ft

Pickled cucumber

390 Ft

Cucumber salad

390 Ft

White cabbage salad

390 Ft

Leavened cucumber

390 Ft

Tomato salad

390 Ft


Pumpkin doughnut with cinnamon-sugar and homemade apricot jam

850 Ft

Poppy seed bread pudding with cherry sorbet

950 Ft

Apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream (French cinnamon apple pie)

950 Ft

Swedish almond cake with tender vanilla cream (gluten and lactosefree)

950 Ft

Belgian chocolate souffle with tarragon-strawberry ragout

1 280